McStuffins-Gate: Doc McStuffins To Meet Michelle Obama And Conservatives Lose Their Minds (Images)

It feels ridiculous having to write about Doc McStuffins and politics in the same article. Although under ordinary circumstances, I would gladly write about how amazing the show is, because I’ve seen every single episode with my two-year-old and my four-year-old.

So naturally I got excited when Disney began promoting Dotty’s visit to the White House to receive an award from Michelle Obama. But because conservatives are who they are, I couldn’t enjoy the moment without being bombarded by the ridiculousness that is modern conservatism.

To say this exemplifies the fatuousness and pettiness of conservatism is an understatement.

McStuffins Gate

The first two comments are merely the prelude to the stupidity to follow. Yet, they show the mental disconnect and fundamental ignorance that is at the core of conservatism.

There is a difference between people who live in a political world and politics. There is a difference between politicians and being political. There are many non-political activities that occur at the White House, but somehow in their minds, simply being in the presence of Michelle Obama equates to “getting political.” (Do I seriously have to explain this to adults?)

McStuffins Gate 1
Let me give an example to those who don’t yet get it: If I went to have lunch with Prince, this doesn’t mean our lunch was musical. It just means we ate food. If I went golfing with Kevin Hart, it wouldn’t mean that our golf game was comical. It would simply mean that we probably should have gone miniature golfing. And if I had a conversation with Sarah Palin, it doesn’t mean our visit was stupid. It just means that I spoke English and she spoke American.

See how that works?

But, it gets worse. Conservatives absolutely love to insult the First Lady’s appearance and referring to her as some type of animal. Not even the tenderness of this sweet cartoon could stop their desire to insult Michelle Obama.

McStuffins Gate 3
McStuffins Gate 4


I love the cross avatar juxtaposed to a childish insult. That speaks volumes about the nature of Conservative Christianity.

But childish insults were only a prelude to the more predictable “communist” and “treasonist” tropes:

McStuffins Gate 5

McStuffins Gate 6


And what would conservative trolling be without the claims of reverse racism?

McStuffins Gate 7

Because Mickey Mouse must be white? Or perhaps Miles Calisto was bumped to the back of the line because of Affirmative Action. Nevermind that Doc has her own award-winning show.

Many people disregard the comment sections of the internet as something to be dismissed or ignored. I think comments reveal the true nature of our nation. These comments are extremely revealing. They tell us the level of confusion, anger and ridiculousness in which conservatives exist. So much so that even a Disney cartoon will put them in a political uproar that includes claims of reverse racism, treason and communist takeovers.

I normally try to find a witty and pithy way of closing out my posts, but I must say that the level of ignorance that I had to wade through just to put this post together has made me dumber. I think I’ll go grab a dictionary and start over from scratch.

But first, I’m going to watch Doc McStuffins meet Michelle Obama. The kids can catch it later on DVR.

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