McDonald’s Now Bans Employees From Buying Food For Homeless

As previously mentioned, we’re no longer just experiencing a war on the poor, but rather a sociopathic campaign of outright humiliation. Across the country, towns are not only ensuring that the homeless remain completely out of sight and mind, but they’re imposing laws that make it illegal to feed them. In fact, 21 cities now have laws that ban feeding the homeless.  Of course big agribusinesses farms still get millions in free subsidies to not grow crops. For example, Florida cops found the time in between shooting unarmed kids to arrest a 90 year-old man for feeding the homeless…TWICE!

McDonald’s may be lovin’ giving people diarrhea and food poisoning, but they aren’t lovin’ their own employees buying food for the poor. 

A plethora of stories have come to light regarding an alleged McDonald’s new policy of banning customers from buying food for homeless people. In the UK, for example, there have been two separate incidents where homeless people were denied service at McDonald’s. It seems the first incident involved a 27-year-old landscaper  from Manchester, England who was nearly denied service at a McDonald’s in Manchester on account of his dirty clothes, which employees said made him “look homeless.” Well, this is Great Britain–where men wear a suit and tie to change a tire.

“I’d just clocked off work and I was absolutely ravenous. I’d not eaten since breakfast so I thought I’d go to McDonald’s for a quick meal. But when I got to the till the cashier went to get the manager from the back. He then said he wasn’t going to serve me because I looked homeless. I explained to him I had been at work all day but he said they had a zero tolerance policy on serving homeless people,” Jackson told Manchester Evening News.

“It took some serious persuasion to convince them I wasn’t homeless. I admit I was wearing scruffy clothes because I’d been working outside all day. That’s no reason to assume I live on the streets. I’m angry that I had to justify myself in front of a massive queue of strangers. Yet what I find most disgusting is that policy like that even exists. It completely victimises homeless people. Surely if you have the money in your hand and you want to purchase a meal, you should be treated like any other customer,” he added. (TrueAcitivist)

Apparently landscapers need to wear wingtips when wanting to buy hot garbage being served to them out a window.  But the latest incident was much more insidious.

It seems 19-year-old Charlotte Farrow was on her way to work late last week when she noticed an elderly homeless man on the street. Seeing as a McDonald’s was close by and since Farrow isn’t a total scumbag,  she chose to buy the guy breakfast. No biggie and totally mundane right?  Maybe in a world not run by completely and utterly soulless sh*tbags. For example, Farrow alleges she was told she couldn’t buy the guy’s food because they wouldn’t serve the homeless. Yep, that happened.

“We queued up and the homeless guy tried to get some money out before I told him I was paying. Then the supervisor said ‘we don’t serve homeless people’. He said the business manager told them they weren’t allowed to serve homeless people. They said it was a new policy. It was his attitude towards the guy – we were both customers so there shouldn’t be any difference. I think it’s absolutely awful and completely immoral. We’re all human beings. I wouldn’t expect to be treated like that. If they’re refusing to serve homeless people it’s extremely judgmental.” (Jezebel)

Is it any wonder that hundreds of McDonald’s are closing down and that Bolivia outright kicked them out. 

Naturally, McDonald’s is denying the entire incident took place, claiming that both Farrow and the homeless man were served in the absence of a cell phone video. Yes, because apparently everyone videos themselves buying or giving homeless people food. Given McDonald’s spotty past in this regard, it’s probably safe to give Farrow the benefit of the doubt. And given the dozens of stories about poor people being crapped on by cities and businesses, it’ even easier to believe.

Featured image via TrueActivist

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