Marine Banned From Daughter’s School For Making Threats: Fox News Blames Islam (VIDEO)

In Maryland, 11th graders being taught world history examine religions that impact the region and/or historical timeline they’re studying. Last week Kevin Wood, a retired US Marine Dad, was irate to learn that included in this course of study was an assignment on Islam.  He took his objections to La Plata High School officials where the conversation got “heated.”

In an interview with SoMD News, Wood admitted to some of the things he said to the school’s vice principle:

I told her straight up, ‘you could take that Muslim-loving piece of paper and shove it up your white [expletive].  If [students] can’t practice Christianity in school, they should not be allowed to practice Islam in school.

In an interview with Fox “News” Wood stated:

I don’t agree with it.  You can’t study God or Christianity in school. You’ve got atheist suing schools for saying ‘God’ in the pledge and not being able to say prayers before football games, but we can force-feed our kids Islam.

School official  Katie O’Malley Simpson told reporters that Mr. Wood threatened to “cause a disruption” if his daughter wasn’t exempted from the assignment.  She also stated that the school was teaching world history, not religion.

The La Plata school district released this as part of a statement on the matter:

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) social studies curriculum adheres to the Maryland World History curricular standards that are a requirement for all counties in the state. These standards include an analysis of the elements of culture such as art, music, religion, government, social structure, education, beliefs and customs in societies throughout history. Regarding the study of history specifically, the standards also state that students should be able to analyze the customs and beliefs of world religions and their expansion, as well as how their establishment has impacted other areas of culture, and in certain times and regions, even caused conflict.

The particular unit in question at La Plata High School is on the formation of Middle Eastern empires in which students learned the basic concepts of the Islamic faith and how it, along with politics, culture, economics and geography, contributed to the development of the Middle East. Other religions are introduced when they influence or impact a particular historical era or geographic region. For example, when reviewing the Renaissance and Reformation, students study the concepts and role of Christianity. When learning about the development of China and India, students examine Hinduism and Buddhism.

Wood’s threats were severe enough that the school was forced to go to a judge for a restraining order, something they said they don’t do lightly.  They also made it clear that the assignment in question wasn’t indoctrinating in nature and had been part of Maryland’s curriculum for years.

Fox News and it’s affiliates along with conservative propaganda machines like the Blaze have been publishing misleading headlines claiming Wood was ousted from the school because of his objections to the assignment and not due to threats.  None of the reports have included the statement from the county school district.  They are instead content to have their readers believe that a Marine combat veteran was banned from his daughters school so they could force her to wear a burqa and indoctrinate her with Sharia law.

Fox felt the need to post one of the questions, “How did Muslim conquerors treat those they conquered?”  The correct answer, which they boasted to have obtained, was “with tolerance, dignity and respect.”   Fox knows full well the answer, while historically accurate, will enrage their readers.  Fox’s chief cheer-leader Megan Kelly delivered the nonsensical ‘news’ to bring the lowest common denominators to full froth.

The marine and his wife have been all over the news bleating about their constitutional rights and religious freedoms.  His wife said, “my husband is the most patriotic person I know.”

Anyone who serves their country honorably deserves our respect and our gratitude, but that isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to ignorance here at home.  This particular marine’s daughter tried to hide the homework from Dad, presumably because she knew what the outcome would be.  She will unfortunately be given an F on the assignment since she’s not being allowed to complete it.  Hopefully she makes a stand and refuses to complete assignments about the dark ages, the renaissance and the Salem witch trials as well.

You can watch Fox News fail to tell the whole story below, cherry picking excerpts the ill-informed can rally around while fantasizing about Kelly.

The entire story, including the statement from school officials can be found on Snopes.

Image: Screengrab from YouTube.



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