Josh Duggar Won’t Apologize For Sexual Misconduct Because He Thinks It Wasn’t His Fault

Ah conservatives. Followers of the belief that we all have to be responsible for our actions, the so-called “culture of personal responsibility.” Except when one of them gets in trouble.

By now everybody knows the particulars in the case of Josh Duggar. It was revealed last year that when he was younger, Duggar molested five girls, four of them being his sisters. Then his name turned up in the Ashley Madison hack. All of that negative publicity caused some hard times for the Duggars, whose primary claim to fame is that they are doing their part to overpopulate the planet. Josh’s indiscretions caused TLC to pull the family’s show, 19 Kids And Counting, and the Duggars fell on some hard times.

Last year the Duggars plundered Krispy Kreme Donuts during the company’s “Pirate Day” promotion. They walked away with some 168 donuts after 14 family members all dressed like pirates, which netted them a dozen donuts each. More recently they used a Chik-fil-a promotion to their advantage, dressing like cows to get free food during that chain’s “Cow Appreciation Day.” That stunt marked the reappearance of Josh with the family following his six month stint at a Christian counseling center. Because of the backlash the family received after bragging about snagging 14 dozen donuts, they didn’t put any photos of their Chik-fil-a visit on social media, but a shot of the herd of Duggars appeared on the Instagram account of Sierra Jo Dominguez, identified by Inquisitr as a family friend.


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The Chik-fil-a stunt appears to be the beginning of the reemergence of Josh as a full fledged Duggar. Hollywood Life reports that Josh will appear this fall on the second season of his sisters’ spin-off from 19 Kids, called Jill & Jessa — Counting On. 

According to an anonymous source, Josh will make a full confession on the show, with his wife Anna by his side. But if you tune in expecting to hear an apology, you will probably be disappointed. The source says,

Josh will cover everything and he will maintain the family line that god has saved his soul and guided him back to the right path. But one thing you probably won’t hear is that he’s actually sorry, as he believes that external forces were to blame for his behavior.

People says that a network source tells them the rumor of an appearance by Josh on his sisters’ show is not truePeople does say that Josh is gradually making a return to the public eye, as witnessed by his willingness to appear in the photo taken at Chik-fil-a, so maybe the network is denying that he will show up on Counting On in order to avoid too much negative publicity this far in advance of the broadcast.

Whether he appears on Counting On or not, if Josh insists that “external forces” caused his behavior it is not going to go over too well with many people. After the Ashley Madison scandal broke, Josh did call himself a “hypocrite” and admitted being unfaithful to his wife. But Gawker reported last year that during the crafting of his statement admitting his infidelity, this line, originally included, was removed:

The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country, in my heart I had allowed Satan to build a fortress that no one knew about.

There is your “external force.” Channelling the late comedian Flip Wilson, Duggar apparently believes he doesn’t need to apologize because the devil made him do it.

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