Internet Names Oregon Attackers: Meet ‘Ya’ll Qaeda,’ American Terrorists By Choice

A group of American terrorists have taken over an Oregon Federal Park, while threatening to kill anyone that comes to arrest them for breaking the law. The internet has been seeing a lot of the hashtag #OregonUnderAttack, but as America tries to wrap their heads around this tragically stupid act, another hashtag has risen, and bestowed the moronic so-called “militia” with a very fitting name:

 “Y’all Qaeda”

#YallQaeda, American Terrorists following their Cleric Cliven Bundy, and parading around as a “militia.” This group of terrorists are waging “Yeehawd” and  appears to hinge on the hope to commit  suicide by federal agents. It seems they want to break the law to the point that they get to kill other Americans until they are “martyred” by the Federal Government for killing other Americans because they have forcibly occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

These bloodthirsty radicals, who are being led by Cliven Bundy’s sons, are calling for “patriots” to come join them in their (stolen) base-camp like a bunch of 14-year-olds who are daring their parents to invade a fort built in their garage. They promise shelter, warmth, and food in their quest to up the body count at the end of the standoff they hope to cause. The big difference, these childish men and women are armed, they are literally threatening to kill any Americans that would dare make them follow the same laws as the rest of us.

This epic temper tantrum that has made them all criminals is illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional, it certainly doesn’t make anyone a “Patriot,” though it shows them to be suicidal fools that want to kill others on their way to their own personal “Blaze of Glory.” Just. Like. ISIS.

The men leading this are NOT the poor, they are not the weak, they are not middle class, they are the spoiled millionaire brats of a spoiled millionaire rancher. They are the vestiges of slave owners railing for their right to own people, they are they French aristocrats fighting to keep their heads. These people are NOT heroes, the Bundys are NOT poor, they are land owners, they have money, actually MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, cattle, arms, and homes.

They just don’t want to pay their taxes or respect the laws that allow even the poor to use land in the USA — they are fighting the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to stop them from allotting land as public use. They want to kill Americans because two other rich ranchers from Oregon who didn’t respect public land will spend five years paying for burning public lands without permission — arson is illegal.

Rich land owners are duping angry men into feeling like they will somehow gain notoriety and respect by trying to start a civil war. Don’t be deluded into thinking they are fighting “For the People,” when they are actually fighting against us. If we didn’t have public land then the poor and middle class would not have access to land at all, unless they got permission from the rich. This permission would surely cost us as there are few rich people that get that way by sharing. Sounds a lot like taxes doesn’t it? Only that is actually taxation without representation, which is what the REAL Boston Tea Party was about.

Cliven Bundy, a spoiled, angry, pretentious land owner and millionaire, is actively committing treason; those who are joining him and his sons are actively committing treason too. This is not a “patriot uprising,” it is another way the rich are using the angry and poor to maintain power. So far, they have taken over a public park (wildlife preserve), and the facilities, so that no one has access without fearing for their lives.

Wow, what a proud moment for America, when a group of money heavy asshats once again rises up to take land from the American people for their own personal use while shedding the blood of their fellow Americans. Seems really “patriotic,” doesn’t it?

Welcome to the 18th Century in America, where filthy rich Cattle Barons raise a “militia” made of criminals to fight and kill their own brothers and sisters in a bid for power.

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