‘I Can’t Bring You Here.’ Woman Writes Beautiful Letter To Her Unborn Child Before Aborting

Women seek abortions for all kinds of reasons and yes some are upset when they make that choice, even when they know it’s the right decision. A pregnant woman who is planning to get an abortion wrote a letter to her unborn child, expressing all the mixed feelings she has about her decision and her love for her baby. Her love is so complete and powerful that it is, in fact, the reason she’s getting an abortion.

The woman, known only as scaredthrowingaway, posted the letter to Reddit, saying in the comments that she had to get it out. She titled the letter, “I am getting an abortion next Friday. An open letter to the little life I won’t get to meet,” and calls her baby “Little Thing.”

In it, she says she’s both sorry and not sorry that she’ll never get to meet her child. She doesn’t understand why she doesn’t feel the enchantment that she’s supposed to feel. “I am still growing myself,” she writes, though we don’t know how old she is. “It wouldn’t be fair to bring a new life into a world where I am still haunted by ghosts of the life I’ve lived.”

The two most common reasons that women seek abortions are financial and not feeling ready or not fit to be a good mother. Oftentimes the two go hand in hand, which seems to be the case with this woman. Some women feel pain and sadness and struggle with their decisions. Others never look back.

This woman knows that her child would not have a good life with her at this time. Children born to parents that aren’t stable enough, or that just plain don’t want them, tend to grow up with considerably more problems than children in stable, loving homes.

Could she put the child up for adoption? Sure. She doesn’t say whether she’s considered that option. Perhaps she’s afraid that if she carries her baby to term, and gives birth, she’ll be unable to give him or her up, thus condemning her child to the same environment she herself is still trying to grow out of. Or perhaps there are other issues with putting her baby up for adoption that have made her turn away from it.

Responses to her post do include people willing to adopt her baby and give it a loving home, but it appears those have been deleted. Others are supportive, such as user laughingdisease, who said:

“OP, you are strong.

This letter is beautiful.

My motto is, ‘When the circumstances are right, things manifest.’ Such is true for every thing in life.. From the thunder, the flowers bloom, and even the little bundle of cells you’ve decided to let go. The circumstances were not right, for now, thus it will cease to manifest. That is okay!

Just keep that in mind.

Much internet supports. You can always message me via PM on your throwaway or your real account. I haven’t a lick of experience, but my boyfriend has, and we both have an open ear and an open heart for whatever may come next!

Be well, my friend.”

User pre1historic wrote:

“This took a lot of guts to write, and even more to post it anywhere, and even MORE to make this decision for yourself. I applaud you. I had an abortion at 18 and while it was a tough decision, without a doubt, I am now — 9 years later — still so glad I made it.”

One user, though, posted this reply, which appears to have since been deleted, also. Opposing Views caught it before it was taken down:

“Dear mom, Thanks for letting me know your plan for next Friday. I had really been planning on having a little more time with you. You see I’m just beginning to grow, but I think I’m going to be a really good kid for you. I hear the music that you hear, and I love it, I want to sing for you! I want to hold your hand and touch your face as you hold me and look into my eyes, and tell me that you love me, because I know that once you see me you will love me too. Mom, I want you to know that I am not a “little thing” I am a person, with feelings. I know you said next time you would keep me, but mom that won’t be me, that would be my little brother or sister and I wouldn’t be there to help take care of them. I know you said you are not ready for me, but I need you right now, please mommy let me love you.”

Many can see that she’s thought about this long and hard. This is not some immature, irresponsible girl who thinks abortions are birth control. She’s in pain, yes, but hopefully, knowing that she made the right decision now allows her to conceive and have a beautiful family later on, when she’s ready and able.

We wish her the best of luck. Read her entire letter here.

h/t Opposing Views

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