Heroic Dog Saves Woman From Being Harassed

They call men dogs, but one dog in Crete, Greece, would disagree. Georgia Bradley was waiting for her boyfriend, who was in a cafe, when two men offered her a drink. She declined and then things quickly escalated and they grabbed her arm.

A black dog, who’s now named Pepper, saw that something was wrong and she started barking at the men. Then after the men left, Pepper stayed behind and licked Bradley’s hand.

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‘[The dog] saved me,’ Bradley, 25, said, according to Metro.co.uk. ‘She must have noticed something was wrong. When I went back to the apartment she followed me and finally let us stroke her. We had an instant bond.’

Source: Opposing Views

Pepper, as it turned out, was homeless, or at least Bradley wasn’t able to find her home. Bradley and her boyfriend returned to their home in England but she couldn’t get Pepper out of her mind, so they returned and adopted her. One week after she was released from quarantine and living with Bradley, Pepper gave birth to six puppies.

The story of Bradley and Pepper had the best kind of ending, but harassment often does not.

Some people, especially conservatives and men who do the harassing, think that women should be flattered when they are paid uninvited attention. Yes, catcalls are generally harmless but they are invasive and put women off guard. Women’s bodies are not put on earth to be ogled and commented upon, even if the comments are positive (and they aren’t always positive at all). No matter the age or body type, it seems, some men believe it’s their right to comment on how a woman is dressed, whether or not she’s smiling enough and how they walk.

Sometimes, though, street harassment takes an even uglier turn, like it did with Bradley. Sometimes, it can turn deadly.

Some might argue that women should always have protection, even if it’s a small dog, but we could also argue that men should be taught to stop invading women’s personal space.

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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