Hallelujah! Jill Duggar And Husband REJECTED As Missionaries For Being Too Stupid

The bad news just keeps coming for the shady-ass Duggar clan.

For months Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, have been raising thousands of dollars in donations for supposed missionary work in El Salvador. Apparently they think the Salvadoran folks need some help from America’s most disgusting family (my husband is Salvadoran and he said we can keep them). Derick Dillard had claimed on his blog that the church he attends, Cross Baptist Church, had “commissioned” him and his wife to go on a missionary trip. The couple then started soliciting their followers for money to fund their trip.

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Well, it turns out, the Duggar child and her idiotic husband, are not certified to perform missionary work, because of their lack of education.

According to the Southern Baptist Convention rules, Jill would have to enroll in one of their colleges and complete 12 hours of education. Jill has failed to get her edumacation on and therefore cannot be accredited as a “missionary spouse.”

I know what you’re thinking: But she’s ALREADY a “missionary spouse!” No, no people….not that kind of missionary.

Her husband also failed to get the proper education.

Duped fans of the couple have been asking for months if all of their jet-setting between Canada and Central America was legit and now they know. The little Duggar and her husband are just as craptastic as the other members of her cult family. This family really needs to just disappear; they are one of the worst things ever made in America.

Featured image via Duggar Family Blog

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