Generous Couple Gives Waitress An Amazing Tip — A Car (VIDEO)

A waitress in Missouri has received a generous tip from a couple who are regulars at the restaurant where she works. This story is the antithesis of all the stories about athletes and celebrities behaving badly when it comes to tipping.

Cindi Grady, 51, works at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Branson, Missouri. She has been driving a beat up Hyundai Accent. The car looks to be barely drivable. The hood is held on by a strap, and the driver’s window is busted out, the result of multiple collisions with deer.

ABC News reports that Gary and Roxann Tackett, from Quitman, Arkansas, had noticed the car in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, and they assumed that it had been abandoned; that is how bad the vehicle looks. But, when they realized that someone was actually driving the car, they asked the hostess at the restaurant who it belonged to.

The Tacketts learned that Grady was a hard working employee, and that she had a disabled son. That is when they decided they had to do something to help her out.

After some searching, Gary and Roxann found a better car for Grady. They purchased a 2008 Ford Fusion for $2,500.

Cindi Grady gets an early Christmas present.

Grady was working on Thanksgiving weekend when her manager asked her to step outside the restaurant. According to Yahoo News, Grady says that she thought she was going to be reprimanded. Instead, she was greeted by the Tacketts, and the car, to which they had attached a red bow.

The Tackett’s daughter uploaded a video of the happy moment to Facebook. On it, Gary can be heard telling Grady:

“We’ve been watching you drive that [old] car all summer. … We decided that you needed something better … Merry Christmas.”

Grady is very grateful for the gift. She told Yahoo News:

 “It restored my faith in humanity. … There are good people in the world watching … that care … and you might not even know them.”

Here’s the video, courtesy of Yahoo News:


Photo courtesy Gary Tackett

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