Fearmongering Again: Rick Wiles Thinks Pokemon Go Will Be Used By Satan To Hunt Christians (AUDIO)

Oh, Rick Wiles… is there anything you won’t use to strike fear into your sheeple? You remember Rick Wiles, the host of Trunews (an oxymoron if ever there were one) who likes to show up on Rick Bakker’s sales pitch show, don’t you? Wiles likes to help Bakker sell his survivalist gear and food by driving fear into the hearts of the poor saps who tune in. Last time it was WWIII and how only President Trump could save us from it. This week he was fear-mongering again, this time about the new Pokemon Go game.

According to Wiles, Pokemon are “virtual cyber-demons.” He knows this because there were a few in the offices of Trunews, apparently, and anything not in the Bible is demonic. Wiles recounts seeing a man outside the office building taking pictures (he thought). He found it suspicious so he called the police. It turned out, of course, that the man was only playing Pokemon Go, trying to find the Pokemon “demon” in the Trunews offices. I bet it was a Koffing, what with all that hot air in the building.

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This freaked Wiles right the eff out and, displaying his utter lack of knowledge about technology and Pokemon Go, Wiles dove down that slippery slope of stupid:

What if this technology is transferred to Islamic jihadists and Islamic jihadists have an app that shows them where Christians are located geographically?

I know. Makes your brain hurt, doesn’t it? Unless Christians have suddenly started turning into Squirtles, Charmanders, Pikachus, etc. that is ridiculously impossible. Does he think that being Christian causes a person to send out Jesus waves or something?

Then there is the fact that some churches, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship have become PokeStops and Gyms. That is just too much for Wiles:

The enemy, Satan, is targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber-demons. I believe this thing is a magnet for demonic powers. They’re spawning demons inside your church. They’re targeting your church with demonic activity.

Demonic powers? Please. Wiles thinks that Pokemon Masters will tell the demons in those buildings to start killing people, specifically Christians. As a Pokemon Master myself — back when I played card tournaments — I can state unequivocally that no voices have told me to kill anyone (yet). But Wiles thinks that those of us who play Pokemon games, specifically Pokemon Go, will “target, locate and execute Christians.” Be afraid! Buy Bakker’s stuff!

Here’s the thing, though. Since Pokemon Go was released, everyone I know who is playing it (and it’s not just kids) has been outside walking. Outside! My daughter has walked more in the past week than she does in a month. More. This game is a phenomenon for a reason. Several reasons, actually.

Pokemon Go has helped many people with mental health issues. People suffering from depression, agoraphobia, anxiety and other mental health problems say that they are conquering their problems and getting outside. Twitter abounds with Tweets like this:

Getting out and meeting people is a huge thing for folks who suffer from these debilitating issues. And meeting people is a big part of the game. This is a lovely story about a chance meeting from a man in Burbank, CA:

Imagine if every cop ended up playing a game with the people he first viewed with suspicion! No more shootings. Everybody would be too busy hunting for Pokemon.

Then there is this sweet tale, wherein a young player went to the grave site of his little brother:

The little brother’s favorite Pokemon was Pikachu. You can see there is a wooden cut-out of Pikachu on his grave. The other Pikachu in that picture is in the game. How did this happen? Maybe the scouts who worked on this game saw this grave and put a Pikachu there to be discovered. If so, they deserve major props. Or maybe…. nah. They’re just bits and bytes, right?

Before Rick Wiles shoots his mouth off on things about which he knows nothing, he should do a little research. Yeah, tall order. Besides, it might affect his bottom line; that sweet cut from all Jim Bakker’s survivalist crud. Gotta keep those marks scared.

But really, this game/app is doing more good than bad. Most of those bad stories floating around are from satire sites. Only one that I have seen is legit and involved players not paying attention, something people already do with their phones. If everyone would just use common sense… but it happens all the time, Pokemon or not. Stay safe out there and play nice! Oh, and ignore Rick Wiles. He’s probably with Team Rocket anyway.

Here are the audio clips via Right Wing Watch
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