Elizabeth Warren Sings A Little Taylor Swift And The Crowd Goes Wild!

Elizabeth Warren sent the 2016 graduating class of Bridgewater State University into a frenzy during a commencement ceremony this past Saturday by channeling some Taylor Swift.

In the middle of a speech in which Warren delivered some more stinging shots at the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, Warren encouraged the students to find and hold on to their own identity:

Knowing who you are will help you when it’s time to fight, fight for the job you want, fight for the people who mean the most to you, fight for the world you live in and the world you want to live in,” Warren said. “If you know who you are, you won’t get caught up when times get tough and the naysayers try to stop you.

And then she went full pop culture:

Or, to put it differently,” Warren said — then sang, “as one of the great philosophers of our time has said… haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

The students, in DIY bedazzled caps and traditional black robes, went wild.

“Knowing who you are helps you ‘Shake It Off,’” Warren said, flicking her own hand for all to see.

This is why liberal icons are more awesome than their conservative counterparts. If that had been Sarah Palin, the entire graduating class would have a lost a year’s worth of knowledge and been forced to redo their entire senior year. If it had been Ted Nugent, he would have foamed at the mouth about guns and Muslims, possibly shooting someone by accident. If it had been Donald Trump, he would have promised to deport several of the Latino seniors and tried to get several of the women to put on a bikini.

But since it was the ever-awesome Elizabeth Warren instead, they got an earful of actual wisdom and encouragement to be better people than those that would divide us and tear us down. Will Warren fulfill all of our wildest dreams and run in 8 years, wiping away the latest vestiges of Reagan’s toxic legacy? I sure hope so!

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