Eagles Linemen Brag About Roughing Up Cowboys Greg Hardy After Pic Of Bruised Ex-Girlfriend Surfaces

A year and a half ago, Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Greg Hardy (then with Carolina Panthers) was arrested for beating his girlfriend. Hardy was found guilty of assault during a bench trial, but the charges were later dismissed, and the NFL allowed him to continue on as if he never beat the crap out of a woman. On Friday, Deadspin released a police photo of Hardy’s bruised ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder. The picture caused outrage across the sports world and two Philadelphia Eagles’ players are now bragging about roughing the Cowboys DE up in Sunday’s game.


Image via Deadspin

According to Nicole Holder, Hardy threw her against a tile bathtub wall, tossed her on a futon that was covered in assault rifles, and choked her until she told him to “kill me so I don’t have to.” Holder was found running down the street, barefoot and crying when a police officer stopped her. She told the officer that it didn’t matter what happened to her because he was going to get away with it anyway.

It turns out, she wasn’t wrong. He had his conviction overturned and went on to sign with the Cowboys, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t pissed off.

ESPN reported that  Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson and center Jason Kelce held nothing back after the game on Sunday as they expressed their disgust with Hardy:

Any time I had a chance to put a little extra mustard on a block, I tried,” Johnson said, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. “He wasn’t all that emotional in the game. I guess he is in other games. I don’t know if the stuff got to him on the news, but he kind of seemed out of it a little bit.

Kelce said he has no respect for the player and was aghast that he is allowed to continue playing as if nothing happened:

I’m glad he didn’t have a good day. It’s a joke a guy like that is able to play this quickly…Three people I have zero respect for in this world: People who hit women, who molest children, and rapists.

The two Eagles players were not the only ones outraged that Hardy still has a job. ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith said:

What we’re talking about here is a guy who doesn’t deserve to be on an NFL roster. He needs to just be cut immediately. Let’s just be clear and I don’t want to be a hypocrite here because, again, we live in a very visual society and I’m a victim of that from the perspective of when I saw those pictures for the first time Friday, I said ‘My God, why is this guy in the NFL?’

The ESPN host originally supported Hardy, but after seeing the pictures he changed his mind. Unfortunately, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones doesn’t see what the big deal is — probably because Hardy makes him so much money — and released a statement supporting the player:

The sports world is left asking,”why the hell is he allowed to continue playing?” and some are speculating that it is because he is such a big star, compared to Ray Rice who also committed an act of domestic violence. It seems like they may be right and what kind of message does that send to all of the women in this country?

“Sorry, we don’t care if someone beats the shit out of you as long as they play football well.”

That is certainly what it sounds like.

Featured image via Deadspin/Twitter

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