Dylann Roof’s Sister Wanted You To Pay For Her Wedding

Amber Roof was personally affected by the massacre of nine churchgoers her brother Dylann committed on June 19. Goshdarnit, her wedding – scheduled at another Charleston, South Carolina church only two days later – had to be delayed.

And until the afternoon of July 2, Amber Roof was asking you to pay for the new ceremony.

On a Go Fund Me page she created on June 27, Roof wrote:

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As many of you know Michael and I had to abruptly cancel our wedding day, due to the tragedy that occurred in Charleston. June 21st was suppose (sic) to be the happiest day of our lives. It is the day every girl dreams of, it was the day we dreamed of.  We had each other, we have the perfect venue, and we had our vows ready to be read. We were ready! We had planned out every detail for months and months. It was going to be the PERFECT day! […]

We cancelled our wedding to protect our family and mourn the lives of those lost. Many friends and family members came into town and took time off of work to be there for us. We could not ask you to do that again.

We would like the chance to start our lives on a postive (sic) note. Therefore, we have decided to start a Go Fund Me account. We know money cannot replace the wedding we lost and our perfect day, however it will help us to create new memories and a new start with our new family.

Money raised will be used to cover lost wedding costs, to pay bills, and to send us on our dream honeymoon. […] We thank you for any contrabution (sic) you can make. 

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But don’t worry, folks, because Amber promised:

10% of all funds raised will be donated to Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Go Fund Me confirmed to The Washington Post that the account was indeed operated by an Amber Roof of Shelby, North Carolina, where the mass murderer’s sister is known to live (and that’s the same town where Dylann was arrested).

The account was cancelled by Go Fund Me on the early afternoon of July 2.

Image from Go Fund Me via Washington Post

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