Dying Little Girl Wants A Lifetime Of Cards For Her Last Christmas (VIDEO)

The story of Addie Fausett will absolutely break your heart.  The 6-year-old angel from Utah is dying from an undiagnosed illness that is causing her brain to atrophy.

Doctors don’t know what’s causing her affliction, but they do know she doesn’t have long to live.  Addie’s Grandfather thought it would be nice for her to receive a lifetime of Christmas cards, which will most likely be her last.

Addie stopped growing when she was three, and doesn’t get to play with other children.  The Christmas cards she gets are giving her a reason to smile and something to look forward to.

Adding to this family’s heartbreak, Addie and her two sisters lost their father last weekend.

No family should have to endure such tragedy, especially during the holiday season.

My kids and I will be sending Addie hand-made Christmas cards this week to help her line the walls with joy.  A little bit of construction paper and a few stamps are all it will take to bring a little bit more happiness to this beautiful little girl and her family.

Please share Addie’s story with as many people as you can.  Maybe your own kids can ask classrooms full of their friends to join in.

You can send Addie cards here:

Addie Fausett

PO BOX 162

Fountain Green, UT



H/T: wtsp.com | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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