Dog Owner: Dog Cooked To Death In Petco Dryer (VIDEO)

Petco is one of the largest pet supply and small pet stores in the country. Not only does Petco sell pet supplies, but each store has a grooming department and a veterinary department.

Unfortunately, Petco doesn’t have the best of reputations. Years ago, they gained the tagline of “Petco: where the pets go – to die.” Is this tagline fair?

Well, there’s this, and this and this and this.

More recently, a woman in Virginia says that her Golden Retriever died in one of Petco’s grooming dryers.

She took her dog in on Friday morning and was told that he’d be ready around noon but that they’d call. They didn’t call and when she called them, they told her to go to the local animal clinic.

They didn’t even tell me why I had to go there, just that one of the managers would meet me there,” said (Allison) Marks, 51, a food operations manager at the Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center. “I walked into it blind.


Unfortunately, her beautiful dog Colby, a dog Marks called her “soul mate” was dead, likely from heat stroke from the dryer. The groomer allegedly left Colby in the dryer because she/he had to go to a graduation ceremony and someone dropped the ball.

Here’s the video:

WNCN: News, Weather, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville

Animal control is investigating.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened at a Petco. A nearly identical situation happened in a California Petco in 2011.

Featured image via WNCN video screen capture.

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