Does This Father Go Too Far To Keep His Son From Joining A Gang? (VIDEO)

In a video that’s been making its rounds all over the net, a fed-up father is taking a stand to keep his son out of a gang. After this man found out that his son was selling marijuana and consorting with gang-bangers, he dispensed a dose of swift, tough-love that only a caring parent could.

Watching the video, it is obvious that the man was simply doing what he had to do to get through to his son. He wasn’t enjoying himself. From just the way he was speaking, the pain was evident in his voice. This is a man who loves and cares deeply for his child.

The man issued a stark warning to anyone who had a problem with him keeping his son out of the gang:

He don’t gangbang, he’s not going to gangbang, and if ya’ll jumped him in, this is me jumping him out…

If any one of you motherfuckers got a problem, you can come see me. Any one! Young, old, your big homies, all you motherfuckers.

This seems like parenting done right. If more parents took such an active, caring role in their childrens’ lives, we wouldn’t have close to the level of gang activity we have today.

Some internet comments have called this father out as abusive. So what do you think? Do you think this father went too far, or is there no ‘too far’ when you’re trying to save your son’s future and possibly LIFE?”

Watch the video below:





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