Corey Jones Was A Gun Owning Christian; So Why Are Christian Gun Lovers Silent On His Shooting?

The silence of Evangelical Christians and gun enthusiasts is deafening in the case of Corey Jones. Corey was a God-fearing, gun-toting and hardworking city employee. Despite all this, he was gunned down by a plainclothes police officer, who aggressively pulled up to his SUV in an unmarked white van.

Anyone who places themselves in Corey’s shoes can imagine how terrifying it must have been to have someone pull up to you at that time of the morning, while you’re trying to make it home. Anyone who places themselves in Corey’s shoes can also imagine that he felt the need to stand his ground, in a state that so rabidly defends the rights of gun owners to do so.

One would expect to hear an outcry from conservative, gun rights advocates and religious persecution claimants– but we’ve heard nothing but silence.

Where are the articles supporting Corey’s rights to bear arms and to stand his ground? Where are the articles decrying the attack on Christianity?

Even if they don’t believe this was an attack on Christianity — which it wasn’t– where are the comments of support, condolences, or at least outrage? Why didn’t the NRA show up to Corey’s rally? Wasn’t he the exact type of person that would have been the poster child for the NRA? Why didn’t Evangelical church groups show up to support?

I checked all of the usual suspects. Breitbart covered it, but they didn’t even share the article through their Facebook channel. And somehow, the comment section on Breitbart mysteriously does not work for their article on Corey. It seems to work just fine on their articles blasting Black Lives Matter and supporting Donald Trump.

Fox News shared the AP syndication article, but their audience didn’t find it interesting enough to make any comments. No outcries. No outrage. No condolences.

A search of Christian publications shows that each of them covered the story but from a decidedly neutral and journalistic fashion — entirely counter to the standard inflammatory religious persecution positions.

It couldn’t be because the story was not newsworthy. I couldn’t be because the story would not generate sufficient traffic for their respective platforms.

I can only draw one conclusion. They are all silent because Corey was a black man who was shot by a police officer.

Any commentary of support of any kind would inextricably put evangelical gun owners on the same side as the likes of #BlackLivesMatter. It doesn’t matter that Corey was a Christian first. It doesn’t matter that Corey was a gun owner second. All that matters is that conservative, evangelical gun enthusiasts always fight against the narrative of police violence against black Americans–even if this means abandoning one of their own.

At this point, all we want are answers and support from everyone who knew Corey or can at least identify with his story. Corey was a good man, who was gunned down while allegedly exercising his Second Amendment rights to own a gun and his Florida right to stand his ground. He couldn’t make it to church the next morning to fulfill his duties as a Christian musician because he was dead.

Nevertheless, the silence from gun rights advocates and conservative Christians is deafening.


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