City Workers Quietly Work A Little Harder To Help Out This Elderly Stranger

City workers in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin noticed something strange going on in Lakeside Park recently: an elderly man, who was doing everything he could to slog through the snow to get to a particular bench. The two workers, Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz, were perplexed, because the path he was on is a path to nowhere at this time of year. What they found was astonishing.

The bench is a memorial bench, dedicated to Betty Caldwell. The man who slogs through snow to get to the bench is her husband, Bud Caldwell. According to CBS News, he lost her after 55 years of marriage. She loved the song, “Daisy a Day,” so Caldwell got the bench for her, and brings daisies to the bench every day.

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Ebert and Schultz realized what was going on, and had to help. Ebert said, to CBS News:

It took us both back a little bit thinking, my gosh, his devotion is that strong that he still comes when he can’t make it to the bench even.

It was then that they decided to start shoveling the walkway, and they’ve been doing it for the past two months. Keeping an unnecessary walkway clear for one man, so he can pay his respects to his late wife, might seem like a small thing, but it’s everything to Caldwell. He couldn’t believe that anybody would go to that kind of trouble. He said:

One day I pulled up there and there’s the walk shoveled. My knees about buckled on me.

Ebert and Schultz, for their part, see it as part of their job. Something told them that helping one another is what we’re here for. Faith in humanity restored.

Watch CBS News’ report on this wonderful act of kindness below:

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H/T The Blaze | Featured image via screen capture from CBS News video

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