‘Christians’ Erupt When Pro-Life Group Gives Women Truthful Info About ‘Abortion Pill’

Focus on the Family, a pro-life Christian group, has drawn the ire of pro-life Christian groups and bloggers by committing the cardinal sin of giving good information to women dealing with a crisis pregnancy.

A pamphlet that the group printed and distributed to crisis pregnancy centers that specialize in convincing women not to have abortions accidentally contained some real factual safety information about the “abortion pill.” That information, which could potentially save lives, has been changed due to the backlash, in a way that attempts to make a medical abortion seem dangerous. The segment shown below has been changed to read “ignoring the guidelines below makes a medical abortion even less safe.”

Focus on the Family pamphlet, before outrage:

Screen shot of Focus on the Family pamphlet.

Screen shot of Focus on the Family pamphlet.

These types of centers are well known for using scare tactics like telling women they will have major emotional issues, are killing their child, and focusing on life-threatening complications. Anything to scare women into giving birth, regardless of what choice she wishes to make or would be best for her and her family.

Conservative bloggers and pro-life groups couldn’t contain their disgust about women possibly getting realistic information regarding their choices:

In response to the accurate information, TheologyMix published an article who’s headline read: “How to Murder Your Child Safely—from Focus on the Family?”

Christian blogger J.D. Hall writing for PulpitAndPen.org called the pamphlet “propaganda” adding, “Providing advice on how to safely and healthily receive an abortion, should that be the ‘option’ the woman chooses, is deplorable for a Christian publication.”

The founder of Live Action News Lila Rose, the pro-life group who has claimed birth control actually leads to abortions wrote: “Why does this sound more like a ‘how to get an abortion’ guide than pro-life educational material?”

In response to the epidemic of butthurt and offense caused by the accidentally factual pamphlet, Focus on the Family made this statement:

[W]e recognize that some of the other wording in this particular booklet is not as clear as it could be, and that is why it is currently being revised.

As you saw earlier in the article, the way that the “wording was changed” was to make this pamphlet less offensive to Christians was to try to make any options that a woman has, other than giving birth, seem to be dangerous, frightening, or wrong. They changed the information from neutral to actual pro-life propaganda in one edit.

Too bad these groups don’t also provide food, clothing, medical care, and housing for the children born to these mothers who were convinced they had only one option.

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