Children Of The NRA – Warning, These Images May Enrage You (IMAGES)

The National Rifle Association began as a club to promote marksmanship more than a hundred years ago.  Until the late 1970’s, it had little to do with politics of any kind, other than keeping its membership informed about firearm legislation.

Somewhere along the line that changed, and the group went from advocating for the 2nd amendment rights of Americans to what the Violence Policy Center calls a “virtual subsidy of the gun industry.”

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Americans used to see the NRA as a positive influence on gun safety and education, but since the disastrous revelation after Sandy Hook that the only cure for guns is more guns, the NRA has steadily declined to nothing more than a political action committee whose agenda is to make sure the gun industry is allowed to sell whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want.

In the decline from safety to the bottom dollar the NRA has chosen to toss America’s children into the fray, advocating that “gun safety” be taught as young as possible.  Unfortunately, the modern ammosexual, believing themselves to be “law-abiding responsible” gun owners, have jumped on this bandwagon.

With the help of social media we get to see the disgusting results of their call to arms of our nation’s children.  Some of the pictures show children with qualified instructors wearing safety gear on a range, sure, but more often than not we get the shots from the living rooms of the Molon Labe morons who believe children are mature enough at five years old to handle the responsibility that comes with a loaded weapon.

Are you teaching those girls gun safety with those weapons they can barely hold up or are you teaching them that it looks cool to have guns?  Which of the three will be the one to make the decision when you’re not home that those aren’t toys and they shouldn’t play with them?

Oh, we know.  None of them has their finger on the trigger so those kids have been taught right.

My kids have been taught not to eat ice cream in their bedrooms but wouldn’t you know it, every so often we find a rogue spoon.  I suppose it wouldn’t be much different if it were a rogue bullet.

Certainly there’s no way this little guy would possibly show that thing off to his friends given the chance.  No way he’d release that safety and fire off a few rounds.  And absolutely no way if he did could he possibly handle the recoil and not accidentally shoot someone.

Awwww….Isn’t that just adorable?  Nothing says “I love my baby” like allowing him to shove the barrel of a semi-automatic weapon in his mouth.

Now what are you liberals all in an uproar over?  You know the gun isn’t loaded.

Don’t you?

The gun is never loaded, until the trigger gets pulled and the picture of yet another toddler is being plastered all over the news while the “responsible” gun owner says “I never EVER leave my guns out or loaded.  It was just this one time.”  Maybe someday it will take more than that one time, but not today.

It’s never too early to teach a child about gun safety. This little darling is learning not only how safe guns are, but that revolvers don’t leave shell casings when you accidentally shoot yourself.

Make no mistake about it.  The NRA doesn’t care about you, your children, or your safety.  They care about a pool of 316 million Americans that the people who give them lots of money to lobby congress can sell things to.  A loss here and there is tragic, sure, but it can always be justified by selling yet another product of their corporate masters.

The 2nd amendment is here to stay.  There’s plenty of gun business to go around as the right-wing extremists stock their bunkers in preparation for the revolution that’s never coming.  There’s enough hype and propaganda to keep the Bushmaster people in business well into the next century.

Do we really need to prey on kids?  Guns are being marketed exclusively for children.

The Crickett rifle depicted was responsible for the death of a 2-year-old, shot by his 5-year-old brother while Mom was outside watering the flowers.  She of course had no idea the kids had the gun or that it could possibly have been loaded.

When breweries or tobacco companies target kids they get shut down with a quickness, because Americans don’t want or need their children exposed to those kinds of dangers, but when the gun companies market a pretty pink rifle for use by 8-year-old girls nobody bats an eye.

We have those rights to protect, dontcha know, and they are so much more important than the children.

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