Chief Of Police Breaks Federal Law, Makes Threatening Comment To Woman Who Has The Guts To Say Something

Lakefield, Minn. — Very recently a man who was wounded for our country dealt with an officer who harassed him on video for not being a disabled-enough veteran (regardless of his handicapped permit and plates). This veteran happens to be a liberal blogger, so that officer was smeared all over the interwebs, as he should have been. I understand why officers would be upset with the parking in a handicapped spot, not only is it a federal law, it is a law that is there to make this world just a little easier to get around in for those that work harder than we do just to get where they are going. According to this Facebook post by Ashley Origer, not all officers care about the handicapped.

Andrew Konechne

Police car parked at the Post Office in Lakefield, MN. Image courtesy of Facebook

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Enter Chief of Police Andrew Konechne, Lakefield, Minn., who was apparently not motivated enough to park across the street to pick up the mail that day. The attitude of entitlement and disregard for those that need these limited parking spots is not something that we should see from any police officer, let alone the Chief of Police. Ashley’s post made it very clear, in my opinion, this was not an error in judgement.

Ashley Origer

The profile picture on Ashley Origer’s account. Image courtesy of Facebook.

Interesting… Went to the Post Office this morning to pick up my mail and see a police car parked in the handicap stall outside the Post Office. I get inside and see our chief of police standing inside looking at mail or some papers of some sort so I proceed to ask him if he is handicap now. He smiles and says that’s just a suggested thing. I said I’ll remember that next time and he said you do that and see how it turns out. I am very upset by this! The sense of entitlement and thinking they are above the law because they are the ones to enforce it?! How do they expect others to respect the laws when they don’t even follow them and how disrespectful is this to someone who actually needs the handicap stall?! I don’t know how others feel but I feel like this is a very poor display of leadership for the citizens of our community!

Scarily enough, I think that most people wouldn’t have the guts to say anything to a cop who was breaking the law, let alone take a picture and make it so that the officer cannot ignore this behavior. I am not even so upset about the parking spot, but what reads like a threat is more than a real problem. Do as I do and pay the price, it seems to say, and I am above the law. 

This sort of bravery should not ever be necessary. It isn’t the parking spot, Chief Konechne, it is about the idea that you are somehow above the law the people in your town enforce. You aren’t, but then again, I don’t suppose you thought that anyone would be willing to hold you accountable either.

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