Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth To Beautiful Baby, So Conservatives Viciously Attack Her Family (TWEETS)

Chelsea Clinton gave birth to her second child on Saturday. The new baby boy is named Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky. She tweeted out the good news Saturday morning, and followed up with a picture on Sunday:

Everyone replied with their congratulations… Hold on, not *everyone* sent congrats. Some people woke up Sunday morning and decided that they were going to be garbage human beings. Well, mission accomplished. Hope you’re proud of yourself:

That last one had me scratching my head. Then I remembered that some conspiracy nuts believe there is a “mistress” of Bill Clinton which he impregnated several times and then forced to have abortions. One child, so the story goes, survived and her name was Chelsea. Bill convinced Hillary that it would help their political careers to have a child, so the couple raised her as their own. (Take that with a boulder of salt, but some vile people actually believe that junk.)

On Sunday afternoon, former President Bill Clinton tweeted this picture of himself and Aidan’s father, Marc, for Father’s Day. Isn’t this adorable?

That could not be left unsullied, either. Some people still despise him after all these years. Sad, sick little people:

Bringing up old, debunked scandals is about all they have. And The National Enquirer? Really?

But what really made me sad were the nasty tweets from Bernie supporters. Things like this are littered throughout Chelsea’s Twitter feed:

Listen, it’s okay to not like the Clintons. Lots of people don’t. But how pitiful is your life when you think that leaving odious crap like this on someone’s birth announcement is okay? That little baby does not deserve to be dragged through the mud by repugnant people with nothing better to do. Seriously, get a life.

To Chelsea and Marc, we send our best wishes and welcome little Aidan into the world.

Featured Image from Chelsea Clinton’s Twitter Feed

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