Check Out One Minnesota Town’s Unique And Neat Way Of Tackling Hunger

While Republicans in Congress continue to phase the working poor out of existence with continuous cuts to food stamps (dead people can’t vote, or at least it’s much harder), even as big agribusinesses got increased crop subsidies, one caring Minnesota town isn’t going to let the sociopaths in Congress screw them over.

Meet the totally awesome people of Stillwater, Minnesota.

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Either faced with slashed municipal budgets or simply greedy administrators unwilling to reduce their undeserving high salaries, towns across the country are turning their police force into armed “revenue-raisers” with sinister and sneaky methods of raising revenue. Stillwater, however, is doing something truly unique. Instead of paying the city $15 for a parking ticket in March, it seems Minnesotans can instead opt to donate canned goods to the Valley Outreach food pantry.

“We’re asking residents to come forward with 10 non-perishable items,” said Tracy Maki, the executive director of Valley Outreach. (Daily Kos)

The charitable program came about in the wake of  seeing an increase of families in need, perhaps on account of the decent Christians in Congress gutting their meager benefits.

“Folks aren’t quite making it,” Maki said. “In our area, it’s called situation poverty…. That means people are working and can’t quite make ends meet, they recently got laid off or have been struggling to pay costly medical bills.” (Daily Kos)

Assuming this program is successful, it could hopefully serve as a model for other towns across the country to employ as a means to better the lives of the working poor. Lord knows Sarah Palin will sooner form a complete sentence before this sociopathic Republican Congress does anything to better the lives of the lesser-off.

H/T: Daily Kos |Featured Image via the Community Center of St. Bernard

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