Bungling Bundy Buffoons Bring Babies To Die With Them

The small group of about 20 Domestic terrorists who have illegally taken over an Oregon Federal Wildlife Preserve in the hopes of provoking Federal officials to kill them and provoke a civil war have reportedly brought children to their suicide party.

Claiming to be acting in defense of two Ranchers jailed for arson, who apparently don’t even want this criminal, fatuous intervention, three sons of Cliven Bundy are leading a group of armed seditionists in a fool’s errand to provoke the Federal Government into taking lethal action. It has been made clear by at least two participants that they are ready to die there, and according to their belligerently armed state. there is no doubt that they will, in fact, try to kill as many as they can before they succumb. They are calling others to come and die, and to kill.

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These insane anti-American “Constitutionalists,” have gone back to their roots. As many may remember, these are the same dingbats with a death wish that aimed weapons at police and BLM agents while promising to put women and children on the front lines of the armed conflict they wished to provoke last time in Nevada. They wanted the death toll to include their “patriotic” women and their helpless children because it would enrage fellow Americans enough to turn on their own country.

According to the Oregonian, they have again moved children into the place that they plan to turn into a killing field.

No child deserves to die, especially not for this, any person with knowledge of a family that plans to take their children to die with them should immediately inform the proper authorities — this is endangerment and neglect.

Hopefully, there will be no bloodshed, and all the authorities have to do is cut the power and wait at the gate to arrest them as they come out for criminal trespass, treason, and sedition when they get bored and hungry; because these buffoons have already admitted that they didn’t bring enough FOOD to what they hoped would be a siege. However, that is not the point, they hope there will be a war, and now it seems they want their children to be among the first casualties.

These are the same people that called the San Bernardino terrorists “bad parents” for leaving their child behind, in safety when they went to die for their cause. All terrorists are bad parents – because their cause is above their family – but it makes one think that good parenting, to the Y’all Qaeda, is making sure your kids die with you.

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