Breaking: Walmart Workers Stage A Sit-In Protest In L.A.

Walmart workers are striking for respect as Black Friday nears

Today, Walmart employees are staging a sit-in strike against management retaliation and bullying.

Workers are protesting the unfair treatment they receive when asking for pay raises and Thanksgiving Day off, and they are  fed up with retaliation for organizing for fairer wages and benefits as well.

The protest was organized by Black Friday Protests, who have organized other petitions and protests for fair wages for Walmart employees in the past.

Pictured below is the employees who have signed up to protest Black Friday. So far the sit-in is localized to a Walmart in Los Angeles, CA.

Black Friday, Walmart

Strikers across America are participating in a sit-in strike against the multi-billion dollar chain. Black Friday Protests

There is no estimate on how many employees and sympathizers to the cause will be participating in the coming weeks.

The multi-billion dollar chain opens is opening it’s doors for it’s biggest sales day on Thanksgiving day at 6 p.m. which has sparked the ire from those who feel it’s unfair to keep employees from their families on a national holiday.

H/T: US Uncut Photo: Facebook

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