Boy Gets Banned From School Activities For Dressing Up As Christian Grey For World Book Day

A British schoolboy was excluded from World Book Day activities after showing up dressed as Christian Grey from the popular erotic movie and novel “50 Shades of Grey.”

Most pre-teens enter Sale High School, Greater Manchester dressed as Harry Potter or the Cat in the Hat, but 11-year-old Liam Scholes decided to arrive wearing a suit and holding cable ties and a blindfold. Although his classmates and family thought the idea was clever and humorous, his teachers and administration members didn’t find any humor in the costume and immediately called his mother, Nicola Scholes, who happens to be a primary school teacher herself, to tell her the outfit was inappropriate and disturbing.

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As reported by RawStory, the teachers banned Scholes from taking group photos and participating in the celebrations unless he altered  his outfit.

Furious with the school’s harsh demands, Nicola Scholes posted pictures of her son’s outfit and props used in the novels more intimate  passages on her Twitter page, and underneath she wrote:

“Offensive costume. Excluded from photos, told to change yet teacher dressed as a serial killer and others with guns?”

This brought a lot of attention from social media, and Liam claimed that he was just having “a bit of fun” and that “a lot of fuss has been made out of nothing.” He mother says that Liam has not read any of the books or seen the recently released film, but he is aware that the book and movie “contains things of a sexual nature.”

His mother argues that he just wanted to receive attention for being the most  talked about book character, and didn’t understand why it was acceptable for teachers to be dressed up as serial killers.

“They (teachers) wanted him to be James Bond who ironically is a very promiscuous character who kills people so I don’t know which is worse of the two.”

Of course, it is not ideal for a child to  dress up as a risque character, but Liam sure does look sharp in these pictures!




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