Boston Cop Hurls Racial Slurs, Assaults Uber Driver And Steals Car

A Boston police officer is in hot water after an alleged attack on a driver of the popular ride share service Uber. TPM reports that off-duty police officer Michael Doherty — a 16-year veteran of the Boston PD, is charged with assault and battery, as well as using a vehicle without authority.

In the police report, the driver stated that while giving Doherty a ride home the officer became frustrated, pointing out that they were in the wrong location. Doherty then said to the driver:

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What, you think I’m stupid, you [expletive]?

According to the driver, racial slurs about Latinos followed the expletive. Doherty then began attacking the driver, hitting him until he fled from the car. At this point the officer chased the man  and continued beating him until the victim was able to flag down a passing motorist. Doherty then got into the victim’s car, a 2005 Toyota Prius, and sped away.

The Uber driver and the motorist followed Doherty until he exited the vehicle. The officer then moved toward the victim and assisting motorist, a black male, and said:

What do you want, you [expletive]?

Doherty followed this question with use of the n-word. Following the verbal attack, the report alleges that Doherty then knocked the driver to the ground and proceeded to pummel him while the assisting motorist struggled to pull him off.

Doherty fled the scene on foot when police arrived, but was later picked up by Boston Police, arrested, and placed on paid administrative leave. He has since been released from jail after posting $500 bail.

Doherty has since been banned from using Uber’s services in the future, and the company issued this statement in support of its driver:

Our thoughts are with our valued partner during his recovery… We stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation.

H/T Talking Points Memo|Image: Todd Cobell

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