Black Cats Are Often Shunned In Shelters, Stores, For Adoption (VIDEO)

Black cats live in a world where the deck is stacked against them. Their fur color is a dominant gene, so there are more of them than there are cats of other colors. They’re not as photogenic as other cats, and they all tend to look alike, so the “selfie” generation is more likely to overlook them as potential pets. They’re also the victims of ingrained superstitions that make it so that people would rather adopt cats of other colors.

In fact, that last one makes it so that shelters all across the country ban adoptions of black cats during Halloween season, to help protect them against abuse. So that, too, hurts their adoption rate.

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But black cats are just like every other cat out there, in terms of personality, the amount of love they have to give, and more. The Animal Rescue Site posted a cute video giving ten reasons why black cats are the perfect cats to adopt. Here are some of the best ones:

Black cats are natural born ninjas

With typical feline grace, coupled with their natural camouflage, black cats are capable not only of hiding until the absolute perfect moment, but their built-in surprise factor makes them so much fun to video and photograph.

Watch out if you have a young black kitten, though. Their grace and agility aren’t fully developed, so, as the video below shows, their antics are priceless, if a bit…problematic.

Black cats have powers of invisibility

As stated above, they have natural camouflage that’s more versatile than cats of any other color. They can even hide in the shadows on top of snow, which is something that white cats can’t do as well. When they’re against something black, or shadowed, it can be almost impossible to see them without “enhancement.”


Black is always in fashion

For the selfie generation, everything is an accessory, even a beloved, well-cared for pet. Black goes with everything, and is always in fashion, despite what we keep hearing about some color being “the new black” for the season. It might be harder to read a black cat’s expression on camera, but they’ll always go with whatever you’ve got on, no matter how garishly colored.

They’ll also always go with your furniture, your home décor, and everything else in your surroundings.

They’re cute, and beautiful

Black kittens are adorable, black cats are beautiful. There isn’t a black cat around, long-haired or short-haired, that isn’t sleek, silky, and regal.

Black cats clean up easily

It’s much harder to see dirt on a black cat than on many other types of cats, particularly white cats and predominantly white cats. This doesn’t mean that you never have to brush or wipe down a black cat, but their fur color ensures that they’ll never look dingy, even if you never give them baths.

It’s like having a miniature black panther

Okay, there’s actually no such thing as a black panther. There are black leopards and black jaguars that people mistake for black panthers, but there’s never actually been a black panther sighting. Black cats, especially Bombays, can look like miniature black leopards or jaguars. The way they carry themselves, the way they move and stalk, all lend to the illusion that your black kitty is a big, exotic cat in a tiny cat’s body. This makes them a lot of fun to watch.

So why adopt a black cat? All of these reasons, plus they have lots, and lots of love to give. Watch the full video below:



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