AWKWARD: Hundreds Of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Porns Sent To Elementary School Libraries

Imagine your elementary school child comes home from school with a brand new “Little Red Riding Hood” book. You open it, begin reading it to your munchkin and suddenly you realize it’s a pornographic version of the beloved children’s story. That’s what happened to hundreds of parents in Chile.

Hundreds of copies of the book have been recalled from schools after someone accidentally ordered the dirty version of the book. Authorities in Chile said they were notified of the mix-up when a little boy asked his teacher about the more erotic scenes in the book. Yeah, talk about awkward!

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283 copies of the book, “Little Red Riding Hood Eats The Wolf,” filled with rape fantasies, an inappropriate relationship with a teacher, graphic descriptions of sex and violent scenes were sent out to the schools. According to Metro UK:

In a statement, the Chilean government said the book ‘does not meet the appropriate pedagogical requirements to be included in the national curriculum’.

Well, no kidding!

The author of the book, Pilar Quintana, doesn’t think there was anything wrong with little kids reading it.

In Colombia I have read some of these stories in schools, and from these readings interesting discussions were generated about machismo, the role of women, sexuality, violence and abuse,” he told La Tercera. “I’m surprised that people were shocked about the sexual content of the book.

I agree that discussions about those things are a very good idea, but not for a bunch of kids in primary schools. High school aged kids can handle these things, but kids in elementary school do not need to know graphic details about sex. The author is defending his book and that’s fine, but defending it by saying it is totally appropriate is just asinine. A five year-old doesn’t need to know how exactly Little Red Riding Hood is going to eat the wolf; I think we can save graphic details about salad tossing until they are a whole lot older.

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