AUDIO: Laura Ingraham Agrees With Caller About Mexico: Americans Should Boycott ‘That Disgusting Country’

When conservatives feel the need to be hateful and bigoted at 3AM, Laura Ingraham is there for them.  In a recent broadcast Ingraham was discussing the case of Sgt. Tahmooressi, jailed in Mexico on gun charges for nearly 8 months.

“Obama should have gotten him out,” says Ingraham.  As someone with a JD in law you’d think she’d be more respectful of the due process he had received in a foreign country.  As a conservative, however, she is obliged to be outraged, blame the President, declare Americans superior to all others and accept calls from America’s most ignorant rubes.

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The man who calls in, after gushing over Ingraham a bit, calls for a boycott of an entire country:

I’m not one that…generally endorses boycotts, but this should be self-imposed boycott by every single American; why anybody would ever go to that disgusting country – I don’t care how beautiful Cancun is and all that.

Ingraham busts in and agrees, angered about people disappearing and a Marine languishing in prison.

I completely agree with you.  I wouldn’t go on a lark to reward Mexico after this.  And I wouldn’t reward Mexico period given the fact that they don’t enforce their own border, they should stop people from crossing from their country into ours illegally too.

An interesting perspective.  Ingraham, like most ‘educated’ conservatives, dispels fact for fiction at the expense of reality once again. The US Border Patrol has estimated a drop of nearly 60% in illegal border crossings.  The reasons noted are a media campaign to Central American countries informing them that their children won’t be allowed to stay here, coupled with the increased patrols of Mexican officials stopping people before they reach the border, according to NPR.

The US has spent nearly $2 billion since 2007 assisting Mexico in upgrading their legal system.  What a shame it would be for us to be hypocrites and tell them they should toss it aside because an American broke their laws.

Audio/Video: Media Matters     Image: mediaconfidential.blogspot

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