An Artist’s Reimagining Of US Currency; Holy Cow These Are Gorgeous!

Artist Travis Purrington has been working on something that would change our currency forever if it were to be accepted by the government. His artistic yet practical designs for bills from $5 – $100 are stunning. No more dead presidents (or even non-presidents) on his bills, just celebrations of America and its people.

Here are the fronts of Purrington’s currency:Front of Purrington's designs

And these are the reverse:

Reverse view of Purrington's designs

Purrington says that he drew inspiration from the Swiss Franc while still keeping such iconic images as eagles, the flag and the seal of the Treasury. Phrases from the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the national anthem are also present in the designs.

Along with new images, Purrington added new phrases: “This currency is upheld by the integrity of its people,” and “Uires Alit,” meaning “strength feeds” in Latin. In addition, each denomination is dedicated to a value that we hold dear. The five-dollar note is “a credit to the SKILL of the American worker.” The ten honors structure; the twenty, life; the fifty, innovation and the hundred is a credit to “the NATURE of the American worker.”

In an email to The Verge, Purrington wrote:

“I think these are very American but in a different context than we have grown accustomed.”

In case anyone might think that these bills would be easy to counterfeit, Purrington has that covered. Here’s how the new currency would be made safe from counterfeiting:

Point-by-point comparison of current bills and Purrington's designs

One of the most difficult things for visitors to America, I’m told, is buying things with money that is all the same color. Nearly every other country in the world differentiates their bills by color. These would fix that problem. And, admit it, they sure are pretty. You can see closer views of each bill at Purrington’s website. My favorite is the twenty — how about you?

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