Ariana Grande Stomps Misogynistic Troll Who Made Fun Of Her Boobs (IMAGE)

Singer Ariana Grande won the internet the other day in an epic takedown of a misogynist troll on her Instagram page.

The troll thought it would be super cute to make a disparaging comment about her boobs under a picture she posted. Not one to take shit from anyone, the 21-year-old singer trolled him right back.

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HAHAHAHAHA! Oh yeah, she went there!

Some people reading this will undoubtedly say,”Well who cares?! Why are you guys writing about this? You’re not TMZ!” But it matters and I’m going to tell you why.

Society seems to think that it’s totally fine to make nasty comments about celebrities, as if their celebrity suddenly means that they are not real people, with real feelings. Female celebrities face the harshest criticism.

This guy thought it was okay to talk about a woman’s breasts in a public forum. He thought it was acceptable behavior, because it’s so common. Don’t believe me? Go look at the criticism Kim Kardashian receives every time a picture of her is put online.

And it’s not just celebrities that face this assholery, it’s all women. We are judged constantly on the way we look. Social media has just provided a very large public forum for people to openly  bash us.

I can’t tell you how many times people have made comments about my appearance, but I’m like Ariana Grande, I’ll shut someone down.

The problem is, not everyone is like us. Not everyone can laugh it off. If someone is already fighting with negative self image issues, that kind of Internet bullying compounds the problem. It’s like throwing salt on a wound. Young girls are killing themselves because they have low self esteem and they are being bullied and insulted online.

Women are held to a standard of beauty in this country that is unobtainable. It’s not because of Photoshop and makeup either. It’s not because magazines airbrush women. Because guess what? They wouldn’t do that if society rejected those fake images of beauty.

We can laugh and congratulate Ariana for her epic takedown but when we are done laughing we really need to ask ourselves: why in the hell have we created a society where someone even thinks making a comment like that is okay? Then we need to figure out how we are going to turn this around.

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