A Powerful Message: Finally #TheDress Is Used For Something Worthwhile (IMAGES)

The internet can prove to be a mighty silly place sometimes.

When #TheDress took social media by storm last week, it made international stardom out of an inanimate object that captured people’s curiosity and sparked debate among friends, co-workers, radio show hosts, and bloggers alike.

In its wake came a torrent of memes, some hilarious and some…not so much:

Power Ranger meme:

Llama meme:

The Shining meme:

And my personal favorite, the cat meme:

People do love to have fun with something so silly.

The Salvation Army had a different idea, one that would utilize the popularity of #TheDress to bring awareness to an issue that affects one in six women: Domestic Abuse.

black and blue

There’s nothing fun or silly about domestic violence.

The Image reads “why is it so hard to see black and blue? The only illusion is if you think it was her choice.”

Quite the powerful message.

A spokesperson for the Salvation Army said:

The Salvation Army sees the devastating effects of domestic violence on women, men and children every day. We support people who are affected in our human trafficking work, our specialist services, Lifehouses and community centres.

The image originally appeared on The Salvation Army South Africa’s Twitter Feed.  The spokesperson continued:

We know that one in four women are victims of domestic violence in the UK: this innovative and powerful campaign by The Salvation Army in South Africa highlights that domestic violence is often overlooked by society. We hope this image helps people to see the true impact of this crime.

Message received.  The new image of the dress is currently going viral, this time for an actual purpose.

The issue of domestic violence affects us all, whether we’re victims, family members, friends or co-workers.  In today’s day and age a simple internet campaign has the power to reach million, if not billions, of people.  If this makes just one person stop and think, ;you know, maybe it’s time for me to get involved,’  #TheDress will have served a greater purpose than the creators of the buzz about it could ever have imagined.


H/T: Huffington Post UK | Image: The Salvation Army SA on Twitter


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