A News Anchor’s Story Helped Him Get Adopted. Here’s How He Thanked Her For It. (VIDEO)

Gloria Campos, an anchor on WFAA in Dallas-Ft. Worth, begins her Wednesday reports with a segment featuring a child in foster care. Her hope is that the segments will lead to loving families adopting these children. In 2007, one such segment led to a failed adoption, according to Blessings Buzz. The child, known as Ke’onte, said that it just didn’t go very well. So Campos featured him again in 2009.

That segment led to a family known as the Cooks deciding that Ke’onte was the child that they’d been waiting for. Blessings Buzz says that Ke’onte has been advocating for children in foster care ever since the Cooks adopted him, specifically regarding over-medication.

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In 2014, Ke’onte told WFAA that, when he first went to live with the Cooks, his mother came into his room one morning to find him walking around in circles. The medication he was on in foster care screwed with his mental abilities quite a bit. Now, with the Cooks, he’s no longer on all that medication, and he functions far better.

But the truly heartwarming part of this whole thing was when Ke’onte decided to surprise Gloria Campos on the air last year. He was only eight years old when Campos first had him on her segment. Now, at 14 years of age, and with a loving family, he decided he needed to thank her, because without her work, he and the Cooks would never have found each other.

Watch the beautiful report below (and be sure to have some tissues handy!):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frqSWmtOWmA?rel=0&w=560&h=315]


Featured image via screen capture from WFAA report

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