A Homeless Man Borrows A Camera To Share His Life – Fascinating (VIDEO)

For most people, being homeless is unimaginable, yet we encounter homeless people every single day. Many are mentally ill, but many have just fallen on hard times. Many had homes just like you and me not that long ago.

I often find myself wondering what it’s like to be homeless, but I’m afraid to let my mind wander too far. I imagine being cold. I imagine being hungry and not knowing where my last meal might come from. I imagine being dirty and not being able to stand the smell of myself. I also imagine a complete lack of privacy coupled with a dire sense of loneliness, but what is it really like?

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YouTuber QuietAssassins profiled Sandy the Man, who is homeless. Sandy borrowed a camera for a day.

Sandy is intelligent, well traveled and well-informed. He isn’t a substance abuser and he has a college degree. He spends at least part of his day at the library catching up on international news on the Internet. He’s particularly interested in Russian culture and has traveled there.

As I imagined, the night was cold for Sandy. He was thrilled to find two pairs of something you and I take for granted, dry socks, which he has to stash away so no one steals them.

Sandy’s homelessness began after he was indoctrinated into a Christian cult, about which he said, “Nobody gets out until they’re completely nuts.” He says he deals with anger issues stemming from the time in the cult.

There is a GoFundMe campaign set up for Sandy. Let’s help it go viral.


Featured image via YouTube video.

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