Firefighter Creates ‘Peace Dove’ Sculpture – With Seized Guns!

Indianapolis artist and firefighter Ryan Feeney recently unveiled his latest sculpture:  A 750 pound dove made completely of firearms seized by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The sculpture, dubbed “Peace Dove,” is currently on display at the Indianapolis Central Library.  More than 1200 gun parts went into the piece, and nobody is happier than Feeney to see them put to good use:

Being on the fire department, being a first responder, I see before anybody else the victims, and it means quite a bit as I cut these (guns) apart, knowing that those will never hit the street again. Not one more act of violence will be made from these guns.

The magnificent piece of metal art is more than 8 feet tall and was created to serve as a memorial to Marion County’s homicide victims.  Some of the parts were cut from weapons dating back as far as the civil war.

Sharon Grubbs, whose only son was murdured in 2005,

Sharon Grubbs touches the Peace Dove sculpture after its unveiling ceremony Tuesday at Indianapolis Central Library. Photo by Kelly Wilkinson, The Indy Star


Sharon Grubbs, whose son was murdered in 2005, had to wonder if the gun that killed him was included in the statue:

It made an impact, you know, and anyone who would see it I would hope would walk away feeling something.  It’s a place to remember.

People left tags at the memorial remembering loved ones lost to senseless gun violence.   Attendees also took part in signing a “Stand4Peace Community Declaration,” leaving more messages to those lost as well as inspirational quotes and personal thoughts.

Tags form a memorial for Marion County murder victims

Tags Left At The Memorial Dedicated To Those Lost To Gun Violence - Photo by Kelly Wilkinson, The Indy Star


Feeney is the owner of Indy Art Forge and is also credited with a statue dedicated to fallen deputies in front of the Marion County Jail as well as a bronze eagle that overlooks Indy’s 9/11 Memorial.

Ammosexuals will certainly not approve of firearms being used in such a way, as they will no longer be able to keep people safe from coffee shop muggers or aid in the search for tyranny at Home Depot, but those of us who are tired of the relentless onslaught of news stories about yet another gun related death understand the power of the message here.

Guns most certainly do kill people.  Not these guns.  Not anymore.


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