The 5 Most Racist Pages On Facebook (IMAGES)

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism is the “belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

In researching this article I was taken to some of the darkest places on social media. Racism isn’t simply about people disagreeing with the “thug culture” or thinking Islam is dangerous; it’s about people so closed-minded and bigoted that no amount of logic, reason or compassion could possibly navigate through the hatred and see the light of day.

I started this endeavor by contacting the people who spend their days battling two evils that seem to go hand-in-hand: right-wing stupidity and racism. Those people are Facebook’s liberal trolls. Liberal trolls aren’t your typical “start trouble for no reason” group; they’re activists fed up with the onslaught of misinformation and blatant racism so evident in today’s conservative movement.

Before I begin I’d like to thank the admins of Barrack Obama’s Werewolf Army, Sweet Tears of Teabilly Butthurt, The Busta Army and The Voice of Reason for their contributions to the liberal cause. If you go to any of these pages you’ll find links to literally dozens of liberal troll pages in their “liked by this page” section. You could spend hours scrolling through their posts and believe me, it’s well worth the time.

Racism on a page isn’t necessarily blatant by the page owner.

Page owners have learned that Facebookers are wise to the ways of reporting. If an admin posts something blatantly racist that includes any kind of threat of violence, such as a lynching photo, pick-up truck dragging or otherwise offensive image, Facebook may not only take the picture down but the entire page. Many bastions of hate have fallen in this manner. Admins instead post demeaning photos and links to other peoples’ hate with comments like “What do you think of this?” and let their fans do the hating for them.

Based on my own research and input from liberal trolls, these are the 5 most racist pages on Facebook:

5. I Love Being White — This page of over 12,000 fans has earned itself a nemesis. There’s a page called I Love Being Black that has more than 6 million fans, some of whom have made it their mission to invade the pond scum who post at I Love Being White. The I Love Being Black page doesn’t promote what these idiots call “reverse racism” against whites; it doesn’t feel the need to link every article about a white person killing another white person, and it doesn’t advocate violence in any way.

I guess you could say 6 million black people know just how easy it is to make bigots look like bigots. Just be yourself and let them do the same. The proof is in the pudding.

Here’s some pudding from the page and it’s fans:

Kudos to the people who added and voted for President Obama. Unfortunately, on a page this ignorant, he still couldn’t beat out Adolph Hitler. It’s a shame Jesus wasn’t white. Somebody really should fill them in.


4. Southern Brotherhood Militia — Ahhh, the good ol’ boys. Longing for the days of slavery and a return to the 1800’s, these intellectually challenged buffoons will be the South’s first line of defense for the upcoming revolution. They even have their own special logo, recently changed so as not to be confused with the KKK:

“New revised SBM Flag, by demand replaced the white cross with a red one, there was criticism that the Klan uses white crosses, we are not the klan, we are non-conformists, some of my best friends are hispanic!”

No, they are nothing like the Klan.  The Klan is at least honest about their racism. Sorry, SBM, you don’t get to post images like these and claim you aren’t racist:



It never ceases to amaze me how people who claim to hate the President because he’s a “dictator” can glorify a real dictator like Putin simply for the color of his skin.

3. Barrack Obama’s Dead Fly — This page is the crown jewel of right-wing misinformation. They post things like the Barry Soetoro ID hoax as reality every so often, just in case the inbred numbskulls who frequent their cesspool haven’t seen it yet. The fan base is over 300,000 with a collective IQ of 26. It’s the comments from those fans that gives this page it’s spot on the list:

Phil Laccio's photo.

This is but a small taste of the filth you can find on one of the largest hate-fests on the internet.

2. American White History Month — You’ve probably seen this angle on racism before. “Blacks get to have a history month and a college fund, why can’t whites?” They can and they do. Every other month, and every other college fund. What people like this don’t understand is that the black community is in a constant battle for equality, and promoting their leaders and helping their kids with higher education is a part of that process. What would these people do if Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were only in documentaries in July? They’d scream racism from the rooftops and call for a revolution.

Of course they call for a revolution anytime anything happens, so no biggie.

Fans of the page again show just what kind of mentality you need to be associated with such garbage.



Charlie Kelley's photo.

Charlie Kelley's photo.

Respect and common courtesy aren’t things people who frequent this page are accustomed to.

1. Pioneer Little Europe — This page has been taken down several times, as have a host of its spin-offs. Pioneer Little Europe is the choice of liberal trolls for a go-to-destination. There isn’t a single post that isn’t racist. Their favorite word is “Zionist;” their fans are the dregs of society, and their mission is an all-white, all-Christian world.

In short, this filth represents the absolute worst on Facebook.

The best part about PLE is when you finally decide to stop reading.

These 5 pages are just the tip of the iceberg of hate found on Facebook.  By either blatantly wearing their ignorance on their sleeves or allowing (by not deleting) their fans to post such vitriol, they have proven that even the most reprehensible people can find idiots to follow their warped ideals.

Image: LGBTpov

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