4Chan: If Women Would Just Sleep With Nerds Umpqua Wouldn’t Have Happened

According to 4Chan, the reason mass shootings occur is because girls are too busy having sex with hot guys and not nerds. No. I didn’t make that up.

4 chan - the great philosopher blaming women for Umpqua Shooting

That’s right — according to this thread on 4Chan, if it wasn’t for a sexually liberal society empowering women to sleep with the hottest guys and leaving them to sulk in the emptiness of their last circle jerk, maybe Chris Harper-Mercer wouldn’t have went on a rampage.

But it get’s worse as betas who were intrigued engaged the opening post:

4 chan losers 2

Of course! Yes!  There’s nothing wrong with the premise of the first post. But what the heck are we supposed to do about it?

Never mind the opening post is suggesting that we should expect this type of behavior from boys who are so socially rejected that they can’t find love. Never mind the opening post excuses this type of behavior and goes beyond victim blaming by reaching to find a way to blame women for everything. The opening premise isn’t the problem according to this Anon. The problem is that times have changed and we can no longer force the damsel in distress to marry a loser.

But, it get’s worse.

4 chan losers 3

How much do you want to bet this guy also believes the way to anarchy is through abolishing the Fed, ending Fiat currency, and watching our economy implode? Libertarian much?

4chan losers 4

Oh the cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. The “sluts” just need to understand that the loser betas of 4Chan are better in bed because they are “concerned” about the desires of the woman.

Or is that you, my lame friend, have two distinct forces fighting for your psychosis-of-the-day. On the one hand you realize your lameness and think that passion is your advantage. This revelation is quickly scuttled by the realization that the pretty girl you want to get in bed sees right through you. Which leads to your second mental malady — your hatred for women. Because they don’t realize how much better you would be for them, they must obviously be “sluts.”

4 chan losers 6

Because all women are good for is to serve as a mindless, sexual automatons who can be programmed to perfectly fulfill your sexual desires without any regard to their needs? And you somehow think a woman cannot pick this up even before you say hello?

4 chan losers 7

At last. Someone who is at least honest enough to not hide his misogyny behind the veil of faux-philosophy. Blame the feminists.

4 chan losers sound like boka harom

This guy’s solution sounds a lot like Boko Haram — a group of terrorists so terrifyingly terrible that they had to kidnap wives. These guys are so unimaginably lame that not even guns make them cool. They have to kidnap wives. Now you tell me, am I referring to 4chan Betas or Boko Haram?

4 chan losers want in islamic state

Maybe this guy was inspired by the last allusion to Boko Haram and decided to up the ante by going full-blown Islamic State. In case you’re wondering: Chads are the prototypical white males that the betas wish they could be.

Their fascination and obsession with “Chads” makes me wonder if, deep down, they’re repressing their subconscious and passionate desire to be with Chad. Boys, I hate to be the one to hurt you even more but we don’t like betas any more than women do. Give me a Chad over a beta any day.

4 chan losers pity f-ck day

And this, my fabulous readers, is the crown jewel of the entire thread. I won’t give any commentary on it. Just read it again so that you can understand the depth of the problem that festers in the cesspool of sites like 4Chan.

I lied. I will give commentary. The common and sad thread through each of these posts is the simultaneous existence of hatred for women and desperation for their touch. This combination drives these boys to love what they hate and hate what they love.

But the real problem, fellas, isn’t the women. It’s you. It’s the idea in your mind that the object of your sexual desire should be subservient to you. The real problem is that your hatred for women screams louder than your Axe body spray when you come into the room.

The problem is also that you are so wrapped-up in trying to figure out the cheat code for sexual and emotional fulfillment that you’d rather engage in this conversation before the victims have even been buried instead of looking in the mirror.

Nothing could possibly be wrong with you. It has to be women. It has to be society. It has to be Chads.

I would tell you to go f*ck yourselves, but it’s clear to everyone reading that you’re the only person desperate enough to actually do that.

The 4Chan conversation was originally chronicled in this blog post.

All images, including the Featured Image, via screenshots.

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