200 Pounds Down, This Amazing Woman Is Helped Across 10k Finish Line By Police Officer (VIDEO)

In the most inspirational story I’ve read today, or for that matter, in the last several months, Asia Ford of Louisville, KY is regaining her health. She lost over 200 pounds and decided to celebrate with her first 10k.

Ford struggled with diabetes, and like most, her weight loss journey has been a challenge, but one she hasn’t given up on because her three children deserve a healthy mother. On Saturday, she crossed the finish line of her first 10k, even though she had a little help from a man in blue.

Image via WILX 10 on Facebook

Image via WILX 10 on Facebook

At about mile five of the 6.2 mile race, Ford started feeling out of breath. Before she knew it, she felt a hand grab hers. It was Aubrey Gregory of the Louisville Metro Police.

“The EMS guys got out to check on her and she said I’m not stopping, I’m not stopping,” said Lt. Gregory, “so I said I’m not going to let her stop we’re going to do this together. So I got out and I grabbed her hand. I had to meet this inspirational woman.”

“He was like my angel,” said Ford. “He came at the moment I really needed him.”

Source: Fox 8 Live

Not only do her kids have new found respect for their mother, they have new found respect for the police.

“You know with all the stuff that’s going on with police it’s just nice to know there are nice people out there,” he said.

We agree.

Here’s the video:

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