10-Year-Old Palestinian Girl’s Powerful Message: ‘I’m Not A Terrorist, So Don’t Kill Me’ (VIDEO)

Imagine you’re a ten-year-old little girl who happens to have been born and raised in Gaza.  Your entire life has been wrought with violence and strife, and the message from Israel and for too many of their supporters is the same:

You’re Palestinian, therefore you’re a terrorist.

This little girl’s 21 second video is a powerful reminder that Palestinians aren’t terrorists, they’re people. Every society, our own included, has factions of extremists that will go to any length to make their point.

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Unfortunately for Palestinians, the extremist from Israel making his point is Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The debacle in the Middle East is thousands of years old. If there’s to be a peaceful solution, BOTH sides will have to consider that 10-year-old little girls have been and always will be collateral damage, and BOTH sides need to agree to that being unacceptable.

Watch This 10-Year-Old Palestinian girl’s plea: ‘I’m not a terrorist, don’t kill me.’

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