Trump Asks Anti-Vaxxer To Chair Committee On ‘Vaccine Safety’ After Short Meeting

Turn to your nearest Trump voter and ask them to justify this.

In yet another example of what Trump meant when he said “drain the swamp” (i.e. fill it with a toxic sludge that burns the skin and glows in the dark), he reportedly held a meeting with “notorious vaccine skeptic” Robert F. Kennedy Jr, the black sheep of the Kennedy dynasty. Then after less than an hour, hired the guy to run a “committee on vaccine safety.” Gee, what could go wrong?

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Kennedy is big on promoting the false link between vaccines and autism. As late as 2015, he was going around the country describing vaccinations as a “holocaust” on babies.

“They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone,” Kennedy said. “This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.”

That’s the guy Trump just hired to look into vaccines.

So is this:

“They can put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it.”

Kennedy will now be responsible for chairing a “presidential committee” looking into vaccines; whether or not they are effective and informing the public of the findings.

Irresponsible doesn’t even begin to describe it.

But then, anyone who has followed Trump knows that he too is an anti-vaxxer. He actually parrots a lot of what Kennedy says.

And while some defend Trump as a “slow vaxxer” rather than an “anti-vaxxer” (the difference being, Trump thinks vaccinations aren’t safe on babies, not unsafe generally), it’s important to note that he is basing his beliefs off of nonsense. He has no science to back it up. Just a “feeling” he gets – and the words of people like Kennedy and disgraced anti-vaxxer “scientist” Andrew Wakefield. It’s not a comforting feeling knowing these clowns will have free rein in the Trump administration.

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