Tom Cotton Gets Eviscerated After Telling Woman With Dying Husband To Be ‘Calm’ About ACA Repeal (VIDEO)

Perhaps nobody in the senate has fought harder or with as much dishonesty to repeal the Affordable Care Act than Arkansas’s Tom Cotton. Throughout Obama’s presidency, Cotton – a far-right Republican ushered in by the Tea Party – has done everything he can to derail anything Obama did. He’s the guy who penned a borderline treasonous letter to Iran telling them to ignore the president’s nuclear deal. He’s the guy who single-handedly blocked one of Obama’s nominees from her appointment until she literally died waiting.

He’s the worst.

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So nobody deserved to be chewed out by thousands of furious voters than Cotton. And he just got his karma all at once.

At a massive townhall with thousands in attendance, Cotton laid out his plan to repeal healthcare for millions. Nobody was impressed. One woman demanded he explain himself. When he told the crowd to calm down, she unleashed the pent up fury of an entire electorate that has had enough.

“My husband has dementia, Alzheimer’s and multiple other things and you want to stand there and with him at home expect us to be ‘calm, cool, and collected.’ Well what kind of insurance do you have?

The crowd went absolutely nuts. Cotton could only stand there and look vaguely ashamed at himself.

All over the country people have been peacefully but loudly letting their representatives know that they are fed up with the lies, obstruction and cruelty they see out of the Republican Party. Repealing Obamacare has become a lightning rod for progressives and moderates all over the country to stand up and say, enough with this lunacy. So far Republicans have been unable to come up with a response.

Some, including Trump himself, simply lie. They argue that all of these people, thousands upon thousands from all over the country, are paid actors pretending to be mad. Others acknowledge that they are real but say they don’t care. Some even tell the protesters to shut up. None have managed to provide a compelling argument for why they are continuing to work towards stripping health insurance away from Americans.

So the protests, the rallies, and the town halls continue. And Americans are just getting started.

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