Republican Literally Runs Away After Seeing Huge Crowd Ready To Confront Him On ACA Repeal (VIDEO)

A good bit of advice when making any hard decision is to ask yourself whether you could face your critics and stand by whatever you choose to do with your head held high. Republicans fail this test, demonstrating that while they don’t mind working to repeal the Affordable Care Act (in the dead of the night, no less), they aren’t able to look their victims in the eyes and defend it.

Nowhere was that more clear than in Aurora, Colorado, this week, when Republican Congressman Mike Coffman literally sprinted away from his own scheduled town hall meeting with constituents when he learned that an estimated 100 people showed up to demand he reconsider stripping Obamacare of its life-saving features.

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When Berthie Ruoff arrived at the Aurora Central Library to meet with Congressman Mike Coffman, she was hopeful to find encouraging answers about the impending changes to the Affordable Care Act.

“My husband passed away and the only way I was able to get insurance was through the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare,” Ruoff said.

When she walked in, she saw a crowd she didn’t expect.

“There were hundreds of people here,” Ruoff said.

The panicky Coffman began to meet with voters (albeit only in small numbers) before apparently having second thoughts. Before the scheduled end time, he slipped out the back door in a moment that was caught on camera and will likely appear prominently in political ads in the future.

Later his staff released a statement saying the whole thing was a misunderstanding and he would look forward to hearing from the people he fled at a later time. A real profile in courage Coffman is.

The outrage politicians are facing in Colorado is being expressed all over the country. For years Republicans pursued a repeal of Obamacare but never had the chance to actually dismantle the law. Now, with Trump in power and a majority in Congress, they can actually make good on their threats. But they are like the dog who caught the car. They don’t know what do. They have no replacement plan and popularity for a repeal is at gutter levels. To make good on a repeal would be to cater to a small, fanatical group of their ultra-right wing primary supporters at the expense of the majority of the country.

And yet they march ahead with their plans.

The result is that Republicans are either hiding from voters like Coffman or lying to their faces like Paul Ryan. At a recent televised event, Ryan was confronted with a man who owes his life to Obamacare. Rather than change his mind, Ryan flat out lied to the guy.

We are seeing this level of cowardice and dishonesty played out again and again as Republicans attempt to reconcile their hatred of Obama with the reality of their very bad plans to dismantle his signature healthcare law. Hopefully, in the 2018 election, voters run just as quickly to the ballot box as Coffman did to his waiting car.

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