Paul Ryan Gives Presentation To Defend GOP’s Healthcare Bill And Looks Like A Complete Idiot (VIDEO)

Speaker Paul Ryan is in a tight spot. His Obamacare repeal bill is a complete disaster, with critics from every corner of American society (liberals, doctors, hospitals, human rights advocates, other Republicans!) all coming out to roundly condemn what appears to be nothing more than a way to strip poor people of health insurance and give tax cuts to millionaires.

Furthermore, he needs to pass this bill within just weeks. Why the short time frame? Because Republicans go home to their districts in early April and voters have been loudly, forcefully protesting their unpopular attacks on healthcare. Many lawmakers would likely break under the pressure and the bill would not get passed. He needs to ram it in before opposition can stop him.

Which may explain why he took the decidedly desperate move of creating a PowerPoint and videotapping himself lecturing the American people on why this tax cut for rich people is better than health insurance. It… did not go well.

For starter’s, Ryan seemed clueless as to how health insurance works. He slammed the idea of making healthy people pay the cost of the sick – which, as you might notice, is precisely how all insurance works. It’s the very definition of insurance.

The presentation was super creepy as well. An awkward and out of his depth Paul Ryan standing in front of a PowerPoint presentation which he hoped would bore people enough that they wouldn’t notice the GOP’s plan is terrible. Instead, people began relentlessly mocking the entire publicity stunt.

Well done, Speaker Ryan. If your healthcare bill was unpopular before, it’s even more so now, and at the same time you look like an incompetent stooge who cares more about wealthy donors than sick kids who rely on insurance to live. A win-win!

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