Dr. Oz Defends ‘Free Speech Right’ To Sell Snake Oil To His Trusting Followers (VIDEO)

I have a confession: I’ve been duped a couple of times by Dr. Oz’s promises of magic. I bought the green coffee he was peddling. I already drink plenty of the black stuff so what did I have to lose, other than a few pounds, right?

Even then, I took Dr. Oz with a grain of salt. I found most of his advice to be common sense. He stresses eating lots of veggies and exercising. Frankly, the best piece of advice I took away from his show is to wash my face after rinsing the conditioner out of my hair in the shower. It really did cut down on those hairline breakouts.

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Personally, Dr. Oz lost me a couple years ago when he did a show presenting “both sides” of the gay conversion therapy debate. There are not two sides. Conversion therapy is dangerous bunk.

That’s not why Dr. Oz is in the media now, though. His fellow doctors and Congress are taking him to task for his snake oil promises. Yes, he promotes things like healthy eating, but he also oversells the potential benefits.

Dr. Oz loves to use words like “miracle” – a word that isn’t used in science.

The Washington Post put together a sample:

Now, 10 of his colleagues at Columbia University are calling for Dr. Oz to be fired from the school. Dr. Oz is answering by saying he will not be silenced. He even goes so far as to hint that selling snake oil is his First Amendment right.

Featured image via Washington Post video screenshot.

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