Chaffetz Tells You To Stop Buying iPhones To Afford Insurance Under Trumpcare In WTF Moment (VIDEO)

House Republican Jason Chaffetz went on CNN to tout the GOP’s new ACA repeal and replace plan. His goal was to sell the new bill – already being criticized as a handout to the rich and a death knell for the poor – as a viable replacement to the healthcare reform under Obama that led to millions of new insured Americans. It did not go well.

Chaffetz revealed his contempt for poor Americans by playing into the stereotype that poor people are financially irresponsible and greedy – and therefore don’t need help. When asked about how Trump’s new plan would affect everyday Americans, Chaffetz said a phrase that will surely wind up in a million campaign ads during his next election:

“Maybe rather than get that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest in their own healthcare.”

As condescending and offensive as it is, the premise is also completely absurd. A new iPhone will cost an American around $400 every two years. Health insurance is thousands every year – and the cost of medical procedures without health insurance is enormous. Even saving $400 – and living without a cell phone – won’t help you if you run into a major health crisis. It may cover the ambulance that will take you to the hospital and and the rest will quickly bankrupt you. That’s not comforting.

Meanwhile, the GOP’s new bill is reportedly a massive tax cut for rich people. In particular, health insurance CEOs are making out like bandits. There is a provision that actually encourages health insurance companies to pay their CEOs more money.

One provision in the House GOP’s proposed Obamacare replacement plan would essentially incentivize major corporations to overpay their top executives — offering a tax break to insurers that pay CEOs more than half a million dollars per year.

Republicans are doing this while lecturing the poorest Americans on financial responsibility. The hypocrisy burns.

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