Zimmerman’s Been Trolled: ‘Racist McShootFace’ Drives Price Of Gun To $65 Million

George Zimmerman has been trying to profit from the killing of Trayvon Martin by selling the murder weapon he used in the deadly shooting on gun auction websites. The first site, GunBroker.com booted Zimmerman and his gun not long after outrage over the repulsive sale took the internet by storm. Another gun auction site, UnitedGunGroup.com, then offered to host the sale. Shortly after they listed the gun, their website crashed.

By Thursday night, the site sent out the word on Twitter that they had changed their minds and were removing Zimmerman’s gun from their site. But apparently they got ahold of a good IT guy throughout the night because the site, complete with Zimmerman’s murder weapon, was back up and running by Friday morning.

Enter “Racist McShootFace” to the rescue! This unknown user began bidding on the gun and managed to drive the price up to $65 million before he was suspended from the site.

Racist McShootFace

“Racist McShootFace” drove the price of Zimmerman’s gun to $65 million before the site suspended his account. Via Gawker screen capture

Since his suspension, bidding has returned to “normal.” The most recent bid that appears to be legitimate rather than trolling, was placed by “Brez Morrell,” who is offering $485,000. Morrell had also left these lovely comments on the site:

brez morrell

Brez Morrell appears to be a serious bidder and is offering $485,000 for Zimmerman’s murder weapon. Via Gawker screen capture

Zimmerman’s description of the gun declared the firearm to be “a piece of American history.” He even claimed that the Smithsonian Museum had been trying to buy the gun from him. The Smithsonian however, has called bullshit on his claim, insisting they never had any intention of trying to get their hands on Zimmerman’s murder weapon.

John Gibbons, spokesman for the Smithsonian, said that the museum “has never expressed an interest in collecting this firearm and has no intention of collecting or displaying this firearm.”

Featured image via Rawstory

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