White Walmart Vigilante Tackles Scary Black Guy For Carrying A Legally Concealed Gun (VIDEO)

Whenever there’s a story about open carry imbeciles walking into supermarkets, restaurants, or down the street, showing off their penis extensions, the left asks,”If the guy carrying the gun was black, would that be okay with the NRA crowd?” Of course it wouldn’t and now we have proof.

Clarence Daniels, 62, walked into a Florida Walmart on Tuesday to buy his wife creamer when he was tackled by 43-year-old Michael Foster. Foster apparently witnessed Daniels take his handgun from his vehicle and conceal it under his jacket. Foster then followed Daniels into the store, tackled him and placed him in a chokehold.

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He’s got a gun!” deputies said Foster shouted.

“I have a permit!” Daniels yelled back multiple times, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Spokesman Larry McKinnon said.

When police arrived the two men were separated. They then placed Foster in custody and charged him with battery.

“Unfortunately he tackled a guy that was a law-abiding citizen,” McKinnon said. “We understand it’s alarming for people to see other people with guns, but Florida has a large population of concealed weapons permit holders.”

Foster saw a scary black guy with a gun and decided that some vigilante justice was in order. People will say that it has nothing to do with race but come on, how many white guys are tackled for legally carrying a firearm into a store? Can you imagine if it had been a rifle on Daniels’ back?

If this story makes it into the right-wing media, which is unlikely because they rarely defend anyone who’s not lily white, they will try to spin it and say that Foster is a liberal. Buuuuut that’s unlikely as well. How many times have you heard of a liberal tackling a gun nut? Yeah, never.

Do you think that Gun Nuts USA™ are going to make a huge showing of support for Daniels? Probably not.

Daniels doesn’t fit the right-wing ideal of a real patriot. He’s got too much melanin in his skin for that.

The fact of the matter is that had Daniels been a white guy with three teeth and a Confederate Flag on the back of his vehicle, he wouldn’t have been assaulted. It may be an uncomfortable truth but it is the truth.

Watch the Walmart surveillance video below:

Featured Image via video screenshot

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