White-On-White Crime: 9 Killed In White Biker Gang Shootout In Texas (IMAGES)

It was a tragic day, Sunday, for the families and friends of nine bikers who were killed in a shootout of rival gangs in Waco, Texas. It was also a tragic day for Sean Hannity and others like him who believe only black men kill each other or belong to gangs.

Waco police are asking members of the community to remain vigilant because some of the gang members are still out there trying to remain hidden. They fear the gangs aren’t done yet and that violence may further escalate elsewhere in the city.

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Local news station KWTX reported:

Police and troopers were in the parking lot trying to secure the area and protect citizens when a fight broke out inside the restaurant and spilled into the parking lot.

According to police sergeant Patrick Swanton, it wasn’t long before the gunfire began. Gang members and police ended up in the fray, with weapons going off everywhere. Swanton described the scene as complete chaos.

This disturbing image has been released from the scene:


Image via screen capture

This raw video, courtesy of KWTX, shows the scene after the shootout. At one point, an officer can be heard asking another, “Are they talking to you?” Apparently those involved, or witnesses to the event, are being uncooperative.

Featured image via screen capture

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