WATCH: Texas Patriot Protects Freedom By Shooting Carjacking Victim, Then Flees Scene (VIDEO)

No, this is not Satire. It is just Texas.

An unknown person decided to act out their fantasy of being a modern day gunslinger when they came upon an attempted carjacking in Houston, Texas. In order to be a good guy with a gun, and probably get interviewed by Fox News, the person in question began wildly shooting at the group of two carjackers and one victim, and successfully protected the victim by shooting him in the head. Being unable to flee the scene with a limp body, the carjackers promptly aborted the assault, jumped into the now unguarded truck, and stole it.

Immediately afterwards, the ultra patriotic guardian of liberty collected his shell casings and also fled the scene, because clearly now the victim had to assume personal responsibility and pull himself up by his own bootstraps.


If only the carjackers had guns to protect their victim from the good guy with the gun who saved him by nearly killing them, and ensuring his truck was stolen.

KHOU Channel 11 News reports that the shooting took place at 11:15pm at a Valero gas station in North Houston. The hero’s victim is currently in stable condition at a local hospital, and his truck was recovered about 2 miles from where the shooting took place.

Watch the news clip of the event below:

Featured Image: KHOU

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